Soul Hippie is the desirable destination for bold and stylish statement pieces. Since the inception in the Summer of 2012, being bold, stylish and free has been the mantra.You truly can make a statement whether subtle or significant without over spending.

 We specialize in curating timeless pieces that effortlessly elevate your wardrobe. We pride ourselves in the versatility of our pieces from day to night, summer to fall you can layer and transition with ease. 

Rhonda, the owner and creative light behind Soul Hippie takes the time to hand make love infused crochet pieces and our most sought after everyday Seven Ring. Each piece from your home to your jewelry is bold and stylish. 

The freedom of self has always been an important trait of and for Soul Hippie since 2012, there have been many shifts and what Rhonda calls "blooms" which are the ways in which we evolve and transform. Through the blooms of Soul Hippie in every phase choose to be authentically yourself and bold, stylish and free. 

Soul Hippie is me, you and everyone with light and love in their soul.