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Beginners Crochet Class 3/19


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Have you been wanting to pick up a new hobby + create something beautiful? Crocheting might just be your calling, in this class I show you how to create your foundation for a super lightweight triangle blanket.

* Crochet Hook + Yarn will be mailed to you

Image of The Happy Blanket
The Happy Blanket
Image of Soulful handmade crochet blankets
Soulful handmade crochet blankets
Image of Handmade Zen Wind Spinners
Handmade Zen Wind Spinners
Image of Summers LBD Sample L
Summers LBD Sample L
Image of Floral Crochet Bag
Floral Crochet Bag
Image of Neon Pop Dress Sample XL
Neon Pop Dress Sample XL
Image of Soulful Accessory Box
Soulful Accessory Box
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